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XXL organza bag 120x70 cm

XXL organza bag 120x70 cm

XXL Organzabeutel 120x 70
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2,80 EUR per 1 Pieces

2,80 EUR

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Dark green

An all-time favourite!
The XXL  organza bag is an original way to present larger fashion garments, such as dresses or coats. Also a must for wardrobe storage or to protect garments when travelling. This large bag is meanwhile being used for something completely different. Because of its size, it fits over berry bushes such as raspberries or blueberries and protects the developing berries from pests such as birds, wasps, or bugs. The berries thus keep their quality, creating an enjoyable product and enabling better marketing.

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Size: 120x70 cm
Material: Organza with satin ribbon

Many of our organza bags are tested for harmful substances and are therefore suitable for food.

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