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Organza grape protection bag

The grape protection bag:

• is UV- and weather-resistant
• can be used several times
• is permeable to air and sunlight
• effectively keeps out insects and birds
• lets grapes ripen without damage
• can also be used for other fruits
• is made of finely woven organza

Our top seller:

23 x 15 cm bag is ideal for smaller grape varieties, peaches, and kiwifruit
30 x 20 cm bag is the ideal size for normal wine and table grape bunches
40 x 30 cm bag is suitable for covering e.g. raspberries, black- or red currants

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The story behind our grape protection bags:

Wine growers are always searching for the best possible way to protect their valuable crop. The wasp is just one of many pests that enjoy devouring sweet ripe grapes; causing crop damage and losses. The transparent organza bag is the answer to their prayers! Organza grape bags effectively protect grapes from wasp damage, but also birds and spotted wing drosophila don't have a chance.

The bags can be quickly and easily applied, simply by pulling the drawstrings. Due to their phenomenal success in keeping out pests, our grape protection bags are extremely popular with wine growers and hobby farmers.

organzabeutel gegen wespenfrass

organzabeutel gegen wespenfrass

organzabeutel gegen wespenfrass

Minimum effort – Maximum success!
Effective protection with a minimum of effort. The organza bags feature a double drawstring which makes them easy to apply and remove. The bags are eco-friendly, as they can be used several times, and are an alternative to using pesticides. They are also cruelty-free, as birds and small animals cannot get tangled in the finely woven organza fabric.

Who can use these bags?
Anybody who wants to protect their precious fruit from pests: wine growers, organic farmers, hobby farmers, home owners with a garden….

organzabeutel gegen wespenfrass

organzabeutel gegen wespenfrass

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