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Organza grape protection bag

The grape protection bag:
  • is UV- and weather-resistant
  • can be used several times
  • is permeable to air and sunlight
  • effectively keeps out insects and birds
  • lets grapes ripen without damage
  • can also be used for other fruits
  • is made of finely woven organza
Protect wine and table grapes, peaches, apples, pears, etc. from spotted wing drosophila and wasp damage.

The Size 30x20 cm is optimal for the normal grape size.
The Size 23x15 cm: for smaller grape varieties and individual fruits such as peaches, kiwis, pears ...
The Size 40x30 cm: for table grapes or areas of raspberries, currant bushes, etc.
The Size 64x56 cm: for vegetables / ground fruits such as salads, cauliflower, pumpkins
The size 120x70 cm and 100x60 cm: to cover shrubs and small trees, e.g. peaches.