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Backpack, "make my day", 100% cotton, 44x34 cm

backpack make my day cotton

Backpack, "make my day", 100% cotton, 44x34 cm

Beutel Rucksack Make my Day 44x34

2,99 EUR per 1 Pieces

2,99 EUR

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Our trendy drawstring backpack made from hard-wearing denim will make your day! For PE and sports, or for leisure activities such as shopping or a day at the beach, this roomy, fashionable backpack with soft rope handles enables you to avoid sore shoulders and lets you carry all your things with ease inside while keeping your hands free.

size: 44 x 34 cm
material: 100% cottan, 280gsm
colour: light blue

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